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Was foul weather or unsafe driving to blame for a car accident?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Injuries |

Heavy rains can create perilous conditions on the road, but a storm may not necessarily be the primary cause of an accident. In reality, rain will often simply increase the likelihood that dangerous driving will result in a collision.

If you sustained a serious injury in a car accident during a rainstorm, do not automatically assume that the weather was at fault rather than the other driver involved. You should be aware of some common indications that negligence or recklessness played a role in an accident.

Failure to use headlights

Poor visibility during heavy storms calls for drivers to use their headlights. If drivers do not turn on headlights, this easily avoidable oversight could make it impossible for them to see dangerous road conditions or change lanes safely. Moreover, other drivers on the road may fail to see a vehicle if its headlights are not on.


Going a few miles over the speed limit may not seem like a big deal. In wet weather, however, any speed above the limit could be extremely dangerous. Drivers need to stay at or less than the speed limit to prevent hydroplaning or being unable to brake in time to avoid a collision.

Cruise control

It may be necessary for drivers to slow down as they approach sections of the road with an excessive accumulation of water. Cruise control may keep drivers from modifying their speed when they need to.

Ultimately, everyone on the road needs to drive with extra care during a storm. Failing to take appropriate precautions could make a driver liable for an accident.

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