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March 2019 Archives

What are the different ways that car accidents impact victims?

The aftermath of an auto collision can be overwhelming. Louisiana victims may find themselves dealing with complications that include medical bills, serious injuries and emotional effects as well. It can be disheartening, and it is not always easy to put the pieces back together and move forward. There are often physical, mental and emotional implications for people who suffer injuries in car accidents.

Fewer hours of sleep often means more car accidents

As Louisiana readers know, it can be very difficult to adjust to the time changes twice per year, especially in the spring when clocks move forward an hour, resulting in one hour of lost sleep. For days and weeks after the time change, people struggle with more drowsiness and a feeling of sluggishness as their bodies get used to it. This means there are more overly tired individuals on the road at a time, which can ultimately lead to more car accidents.

Change in headlight regulations could reduce pedestrian accidents

As Louisiana readers know, many traffic collisions and motor vehicles incidents happen at night. Visibility is lower, and the brightness and intensity of a vehicle's headlights can greatly impact how well a driver can see other vehicles and even pedestrians. Potential changes in headlight regulations by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard could allow for adaptive-beam headlights, which may reduce pedestrian accidents and make the roads safer in general.

Why are there more pedestrian accidents now?

In Louisiana, people choose to walk from one place to another for many different reasons. It can be faster, cheaper and better for health to walk whenever possible instead of driving. While pedestrians do enjoy certain benefits, there may be certain risks involved as well. Pedestrian accidents are on the rise across the country, specifically fatal accidents. 

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