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What Do I Need To Know About Car Accidents?

Receiving compensation for a car accident is not as straightforward as many people believe it is. Here are some important facts you should know when it comes to seeking a personal injury claim:

Louisiana Is An At-Fault State

What does this mean? In Louisiana, the results of an accident case depend on who was at fault. This means proving the other party’s fault is very important in obtaining the full compensation you need. Fault can be split between parties too, such as one party being 80% at fault and the other 20% at fault.

After an accident, you should always contact the police and get a report filed. This creates a physical record of the crash, which can be valuable evidence later.

You Can Recover More Than Medical Costs

Medical bills are usually the main talking point when it comes to compensation, which is understandable considering what an enormous financial burden they are. However, your compensation may extend beyond this.

The Knightshead Law Firm can also help you seek coverage for damages to your vehicle, the cost of a rental car, lost wages if you are unable to work and even compensation for the suffering you have endured.

You Should Not Take An Insurer’s First Offer

After an accident, insurance companies may immediately make you an offer. This is a tactic to pay you less than you deserve by playing on your desperation and the pressure of your situation. We understand how overwhelming a car crash is, but you should not accept any offers until you seek advice from an attorney. We will analyze the true coverage you deserve and fight for the benefits you need to make a full recovery.

Seek Help From An Experienced Lawyer

We have successfully guided many accident victims through the claims process. We will ensure you have a full understanding of each step so you can make informed decisions that are right for you.

Contact us online or call 225-388-5265 to set up a free consultation. Our office is in Baton Rouge, and we help clients throughout Louisiana.

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