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Drug Crimes Are Not To Be Taken Lightly

Louisiana’s drug laws are incredibly harsh. One drug crime charge could ruin your life. It is imperative to seek help from a lawyer if you are facing any of these accusations:

Drug possession

Possession does not involve any evidence of manufacturing or selling. It also must be willful possession. The penalties will vary based on the type of drug. For example, a schedule I drug like heroin could result in 10 years of prison time while a schedule II drug like cocaine may result in five years.

Drug manufacturing

Drug manufacturing involves assisting with any step of the drug production process. For example, police may find you to be in possession of an illegal substance and lab equipment used to make that substance. This carries harsher penalties than possession alone.

Drug trafficking

You may be accused of drug trafficking if you are believed to be selling or importing illegal substances. The penalties change based on the type of drug and amount distributed, but this is the harshest type of drug charge.

We Know Strong Defense Strategies

Despite the severe consequences for these charges, you have legal options. There are many defenses that can be used in these cases, such as showing the police never had a valid warrant to investigate your property in the first place.

At the Knightshead Law Firm, we have the experience and dedicated counsel to help you. We care about your future and your concerns, and we want to find the solution that’s best for you.

Speak To An Attorney About Your Options

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