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August 2019 Archives

How can in-car cameras help prevent car accidents?

Motor vehicle accidents happen for many reasons, and unfortunately, many of them are preventable and the result of human error. Manufacturers recognize that drivers can benefit from certain types of tools, and many newer vehicles are coming with features that could make the roads safer and reduce the chance of car accidents. One of the particularly useful in-car features is the inclusion of back-up cameras.

Cellphones are not the only driving distractions to watch out for

When you picture a distracted driver, do you imagine a teenage driver looking down at a cellphone while driving on the freeway? This generalization is not completely wrong because cellphones are a common distraction and statistics show that many teenage drivers use their phones while driving. However, anyone can succumb to driving distractions, which can include a variety of activities other than cellphone use.

Sleep apnea and an increased risk of 18-wheeler accidents

Louisiana truck drivers have one of the most important jobs in the American economy, but they also have one of the most critical responsibilities. Due to the large size and weight of their vehicles, truckers must be careful, including being able to recognize when they have a condition that could impact their ability to drive safely, such as sleep apnea. There is evidence that this condition can directly impact truckers and potentially increase the chance of 18-wheeler accidents.

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