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Where are the blind spots on semi-trucks?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2023 | 18-Wheeler Accidents |

Trying to navigate a highway or other road while driving near a truck can leave you wondering what to do in some situations. Since semi trucks are so large, their blind spots are far different than cars’ blind spots.

Taking the time to discover which areas are harder to see from a trucker’s point of view can help you after a truck accident.

Directly behind the truck

According to the United States Department of Transportation, blind spots around and in the back of a semi-truck can leave truckers unaware that a smaller vehicle or motorcycle is close to them. Although they need to check for approaching vehicles often, some truckers may fail to do so.

The area a few feet in the back of the truck is especially dangerous since the trucker’s mirrors do not reach back there. Be sure to not ride too close to this vehicle since it can stop or slow down without warning and its size may leave your car with serious damage.

Sides of the truck

Since truckers sit higher up while driving than most cars, they cannot see vehicles approaching on the sides as well. Staying several feet or one car length back from the sides of a semi-truck can help them notice you before turning suddenly.

Front of the truck

When you are in front of a semi-truck, you should make sure to stay several car lengths ahead so that the trucker can tell where you are at all times. If they accelerate, you do not want to suddenly become stuck underneath or hit by the front of the truck.

Being aware of all the dangers of semi trucks on the road is key when you are driving around an area.

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