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Places where you might be more likely to hit a pedestrian

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Car Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents |

As a responsible driver, you are always acting so as to avoid causing a devasting crash. Even so, a momentary lapse in awareness can be all it takes to hit a pedestrian that you do not see coming.

The National Safety Council reports the death of almost 8,000 pedestrians as a result of car accidents in 2020. You can do your part to lower this statistic by being especially careful in areas where a car is more likely to hit pedestrians.

Parking lots

It goes without saying that parking lots are among the likeliest places to encounter pedestrians, so common sense dictates that drivers should proceed slowly and carefully. However, parking lots are also places where you might start driving while still distracted by inputting GPS coordinates or finishing a phone conversation.


While most major intersections have clearly defined crosswalks as well as prominent pedestrian signals, accidents can still occur. You might not notice a pedestrian entering the intersection if you direct your focus on watching for a break in traffic so that you can make a turn, for example.

Residential areas

Quiet residential neighborhoods are places where people generally feel comfortable casually crossing the street or letting their children play freely. This can present hazards for you as a driver, especially in neighborhoods where cars parked in the street present visual obstructions.

Not every car accident involving a pedestrian is entirely the fault of the driver. Even so, you can make the road a safer place by maintaining awareness of your surroundings whenever you are behind the wheel.

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