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Driving in the rain is more likely to lead to car accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | Car Accidents |

When the weather is bad, drivers should exercise extreme caution by driving slower, allowing more room between vehicles and watching for hazards. Most drivers are aware of the need to be more careful when its raining, yet many still drive too fast, follow too closely and make poor decisions. Statistics indicate that rain and wet roads are some of the leading causes of car accidents in Louisiana and across the country.

Poor weather, including snow, sleet, fog and rain, significantly increase the chances of a collision. Visibility is low, and when the road is wet, it’s hard to slow down and maintain control of the vehicle. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, wet roads are responsible for 1,235,000 car accidents every year. Of these weather-related accidents, there are around 5,000 fatalities and over 400,000 injuries. 

Driving in bad weather can be risky. It’s not always possible to avoid driving altogether in the rain, which is why it’s important to be cautious and careful. No matter how responsible a Louisiana driver may be, it’s impossible to control the actions of others. Fortunately, there are legal options available to victims of car accidents caused by reckless or negligent drivers. 

Victims of car accidents may be able to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. Through this process, a person may be able to secure compensation for medical bills, property damage and other losses. An assessment of the individual case will help an accident victim understand what his or her case may be worth.

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