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Fewer hours of sleep often means more car accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2019 | Car Accidents |

As Louisiana readers know, it can be very difficult to adjust to the time changes twice per year, especially in the spring when clocks move forward an hour, resulting in one hour of lost sleep. For days and weeks after the time change, people struggle with more drowsiness and a feeling of sluggishness as their bodies get used to it. This means there are more overly tired individuals on the road at a time, which can ultimately lead to more car accidents.

Losing sleep can obviously make a person more tired, but it can also significantly increase the chance a person will be involved in a car accident. People who miss even just a few hours of sleep in a 24 hour period of time double the likelihood of involvement in a crash. It is recommended that people who intend to drive get at least seven hours of sleep in order to pay attention to the road and give the right amount of mental focus.

A tired driver can exhibit some of the same behaviors as a drunk driver, such as swerving, driving at erratic speeds and more. Despite the risks, many people fail to see the danger of drowsy driving. The roads may be especially dangerous when there are more fatigued people sharing the road at the same time.

A Louisiana driver is responsible for recognizing the signs that he or she is too tired to drive or should pull over and get some rest. Like other types of negligent drivers, drowsy drivers may be liable for any damage or injuries they cause in an accident. Victims of car accidents may want to explore the options for recourse available to them under the law. 

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