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Sleep apnea and an increased risk of 18-wheeler accidents

Louisiana truck drivers have one of the most important jobs in the American economy, but they also have one of the most critical responsibilities. Due to the large size and weight of their vehicles, truckers must be careful, including being able to recognize when they have a condition that could impact their ability to drive safely, such as sleep apnea. There is evidence that this condition can directly impact truckers and potentially increase the chance of 18-wheeler accidents.

Training younger drivers to reduce 18-wheeler accidents

Many truck accidents in Louisiana are the result of driver error and lack of experience. In order to combat the rising number of 18-wheeler accidents and make the roads safer for everyone, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is looking to move forward with a pilot program that would allow drivers under the age of 21 without military experience to drive semitrailers. Last summer they launched a similar program, but for people with military experience.

Will government action prevent future 18-wheeler accidents?

Due to the large size and heavy weight of large trucks and semitrailers, accidents involving these types of vehicles can be devastating. Because of the serious nature of 18-wheeler accidents and the frequency with which they happen, the government has looked at various ways to reduce tragic traffic collisions. The ultimate goal is to make roads safer for all motorists, in Louisiana and across the country. 

Certain measures to prevent 18-wheeler accidents may not work

There are many measures and safety regulations in place that truck drivers must follow. In order to reduce the number of 18-wheeler accidents and make the roads safer for all motorists, the trucking industry has adopted the use of electronic logging devices in semitrailers and other large commercial vehicles. These devices are intended to reduce tiredness experienced by truckers who put in long hours behind the wheel by having them electronically log their hours.

Will lower speeds reduce the number of 18-wheeler accidents?

Trucks play a significant role in the American economy, and at any given time, Louisiana motorists are sharing the road with these large, heavy vehicles. Because of the size and weight of these commercial vehicles, 18-wheeler accidents can cause significant damage to smaller cars and trucks. It is critical that the men and women who drive semitrailers make safe choices while behind the wheel.

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