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Car accidents and road safety continue to be major concern

Motor vehicle accidents are a major source of concern in Louisiana, as they are in every state across the country. Despite speed limits, safety awareness campaigns and other measures, the rate of serious and fatal car accidents continues to rise. In fact, statistics indicate that 2018 was one of the deadliest years of the past decades regarding auto collisions.

Bill seeks to reduce car accidents and make roads safer

Distraction is a major safety concern on Louisiana roads, and it is now one of the most significant hazards that can endanger motorists. In order to reduce the number of fatal accidents related to cell phone use, one lawmaker proposed a bill that would expand on an existing bill that prohibits cell phone use in school zones. If passed, it is possible this legislation could reduce car accidents and make the roads safer. 

Ways to avoid injuries in car accidents

Louisiana drivers cannot always predict what other drivers will do and how they will act while behind the wheel, but there are steps they can take to avoid accidents and stay as safe as reasonably possible. With more drivers on the roads during the summer months, it is smart to consider ways to make traveling safer. There are a few specific things a person can do to reduce the chance of car accidents and collision-related injuries.

Will self-driving technology lead to more car accidents?

Louisiana readers could be sharing the road with self-driving vehicles in the near future. Several companies are working on self-driving vehicles, including Tesla. There has been a significant amount of concern regarding the safety of Tesla's self-driving systems after several accidents involving test vehicles. The latest version of the autopilot system could do things that could endanger passengers and lead to car accidents.

Car accidents that involved cyclists are often serious

There are certain people that use Louisiana roads who are more vulnerable to injury than other types of motorists, and this includes bicyclists. Car accidents involving bicycles often result in grave or fatal injuries because a person on a bike is largely unprotected against an impact of a moving vehicle. It is critical for all motorists to know how to safely share the road with people who are on bikes. 

Understanding the relationship between car accidents and TBIs

When two vehicles collide or a moving vehicle collides with something stationary, drivers and passengers can suffer a range of injuries. Brain injuries are among the most common injuries people suffer in Louisiana car accidents, and they can range from a minor concussion to permanent brain damage. It is not always clear why some accidents result in a traumatic brain injury and some do not.

Lowering the number of distraction-related car accidents

Louisiana drivers are aware of how dangerous distracted driving is and how it is a growing safety concern in the state and across the country. Despite being aware of the risks involved with picking up the phone or engaging in other types of dangerous behaviors behind the wheel, people still drive while distracted. Distraction is one of the leading causes of car accidents, often resulting in serious injuries, extensive damage to personal property and fatalities.

How speed relates to numbers of car accidents

Speed limits exist to ensure that drivers are traveling at speeds appropriate to the type of road they are traveling on. By adhering to posted speed limits, Louisiana drivers can significantly reduce the chance of car accidents. Across the country, however, highway speed limits have slowly been increasing over time, and so has the rate of car accidents.

Reducing the number of car accidents involving motorcycles

When a moving vehicle collides with a motorcycle, the person on the bike is significantly more likely to suffer from severe injuries. Even when wearing protective gear and helmets, bikers are vulnerable to injuries and damage when involved in car accidents. Louisiana drivers have the responsibility to be safe and cautious when sharing the road with motorcycles.

What are the different ways that car accidents impact victims?

The aftermath of an auto collision can be overwhelming. Louisiana victims may find themselves dealing with complications that include medical bills, serious injuries and emotional effects as well. It can be disheartening, and it is not always easy to put the pieces back together and move forward. There are often physical, mental and emotional implications for people who suffer injuries in car accidents.

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