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FAQs about expungements in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Criminal Law |

One thing that many people seek in Louisiana is an expungement for their arrest or conviction. So it may be a good option if you have a criminal record.

Here is more about expungement in this state.

What are expungements in LA?

In Louisiana, an expungement means that the courts can seal the following information from public access:

  • Arrest and conviction records
  • Photographs
  • Fingerprints
  • Dispositions

However, it only means sealing your record, not destroying it.

Is it the same as a deferred sentence?

Expungements are not the same as deferred sentences. These two are often confused, although they are very different. If you are a first-time offender, deferred sentences allow you to change your convictions to “not guilty” after you complete probation, file affidavits of compliance and pay a fee. However, this process leaves a history of arrest, conviction and acquittal.

Is it like a first offender’s pardon?

Expungements are also different from first offender’s pardons. The state automatically grants pardons to first-time felons after they complete their sentence. However, that does not privatize your record or prevent the conviction from haunting you. Instead, it is to restore your right to vote.

Why would you want an expungement?

Employment is the most common reason people seek an expungement. After receiving an expungement, you no longer have to check that you have a criminal record when applying for jobs. Additionally, employers running background checks cannot find any information that you have had expunged. Louisiana expungement laws also protect you by imposing penalties on any companies that reveal your sealed criminal history.

Expunging your criminal record can give you opportunities and make your life easier. Knowing that this is an option can help you take the steps necessary to improve your life.

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