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Bill seeks to reduce car accidents and make roads safer

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Distraction is a major safety concern on Louisiana roads, and it is now one of the most significant hazards that can endanger motorists. In order to reduce the number of fatal accidents related to cell phone use, one lawmaker proposed a bill that would expand on an existing bill that prohibits cell phone use in school zones. If passed, it is possible this legislation could reduce car accidents and make the roads safer. 

This proposed bill would ban the use of cell phones while driving on any road, not just in school zones. It would also reduce fines for a first violation from $500 to $100 and a second violation from $1,000 to $300. A third violation could result in a suspension of the driver’s license and fines amounting to $300. The lawmaker presented this bill by saying that other states with similar laws in place have seen fewer fatal distracted driving accidents. 

Opponents to the bill state that the law focuses on the wrong thing. They claim that it’s not the act of holding a phone that is the problem, it’s the mental distraction that occurs when a person is using it. Statistics clearly indicate that distraction driving is a problem, and Louisiana lawmakers should consider any proposal that could keep people safe.

The rate of car accidents caused by distracted drivers is staggeringly high. Many of these accidents result in serious or fatal injuries. Regardless of what legislation is passed in the state, individuals harmed by this type of negligent driving have the right to seek recovery through a personal injury claim. 

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