When a Louisiana driver thinks about common causes for traffic collisions, he or she probably thinks about things such as speeding and drunk driving. It may never occur to a reader that one of the most significant dangers on the road could be a “zombie driver”. This is not the same type of zombie that a person may see on TV, but this is a person is completely zoned out while driving. Zombie drivers greatly increase the chances for car accidents.

Inattentive driving for any reason is dangerous. A driver can be dangerously distracted, even with both hands on the wheel and his or her eyes straight ahead. This type of zoned-out driving happens when a person is thinking about other things, daydreaming, talking with a passenger or driving while fatigued. Often, a person will arrive at his or her destination and not really remember what happened on the way there. 

Polls indicate that zombie driving is a problem for as many as 27% of drivers. Over half of drivers polled admitted that they feel like they are on autopilot at least some of the time while they are behind the wheel. This is more likely to happen when a person is driving long distances or driving on familiar roads.

Each Louisiana driver is responsible for making smart choice behind the wheel. This includes paying attention and avoiding zoned-out driving. When inattentive drivers cause car accidents, they may be liable for damages and financial losses, and victims may have grounds to seek financial compensation through a civil claim.