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Will self-driving technology lead to more car accidents?

Louisiana readers could be sharing the road with self-driving vehicles in the near future. Several companies are working on self-driving vehicles, including Tesla. There has been a significant amount of concern regarding the safety of Tesla's self-driving systems after several accidents involving test vehicles. The latest version of the autopilot system could do things that could endanger passengers and lead to car accidents.

According to the latest reports about Tesla's self-driving vehicles, the updated Autopilot system has several concerns that the company needs to address. The latest system is designed to operate self-driving vehicles on the highway, but it actually did certain things that were not safe. Testing indicates it performs worse than human drivers, doing things such as cutting other vehicles off and passing illegally.

Even before this latest report the company was dealing with a significant amount of negative press because of three separate accidents involving Tesla self-driving vehicles. The latest concerns could cause even more issues for the company that has been looking to reduce safety concerns and emerge as a leader in self-driving technology. Consumers have the right to expect that these vehicles will be safe and problems addressed before a large-scale release.

Car accidents caused by irresponsible or negligent drivers could be grounds for legal action. The same applies to accidents caused by faulty manufacturing or reckless practices from the automaker. Consumers should expect safety, but they also have the right to seek compensation if they suffer needlessly. After any type of accident, a Louisiana victim may want to pursue an explanation of the specific legal options available to him or her. 

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