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Training younger drivers to reduce 18-wheeler accidents

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | 18-Wheeler Accidents |

Many truck accidents in Louisiana are the result of driver error and lack of experience. In order to combat the rising number of 18-wheeler accidents and make the roads safer for everyone, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is looking to move forward with a pilot program that would allow drivers under the age of 21 without military experience to drive semitrailers. Last summer they launched a similar program, but for people with military experience.

The FMCSA is asking for input from commercial vehicle owners regarding what this program should include regarding training, regulations and safety. The goal of this pilot program is to provide more jobs for younger Americans who need employment. The program also wants to train underage drivers to operate these types of vehicles safely and efficiently. 

People who have a stake in commercial vehicle operations can input their opinions on various issues that could be pertinent to younger truck drivers. The FMCSA specifically asked about issues such as insurance coverage, minimum driving experience, time or distance restrictions, the implementation of apprenticeship programs and more. By training commercial drivers at a young age, they will be better equipped to make safe decisions behind the wheel for as long as their career in transportation lasts. 

Of course, 18-wheeler accidents are capable of inflicting serious physical injury and property damage. Louisiana drivers are responsible for the choices they make behind the wheel, and victims of truck accidents have the right to pursue legal recourse and seek appropriate compensation. If a person suffered harm in a truck accident due to negligence or recklessness, that individual would be wise to act quickly to learn more about his or her legal options. 

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