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Car accidents that involved cyclists are often serious

On Behalf of | May 7, 2019 | Car Accidents |

There are certain people that use Louisiana roads who are more vulnerable to injury than other types of motorists, and this includes bicyclists. Car accidents involving bicycles often result in grave or fatal injuries because a person on a bike is largely unprotected against an impact of a moving vehicle. It is critical for all motorists to know how to safely share the road with people who are on bikes. 

Statistics indicate that cyclist-involved accidents are on the rise. Unfortunately, the way that the media covers these type of incidents may indicate that people often blame the person on the bike, perhaps believing that cyclists are in the way, impeding traffic or acting recklessly. Studies actually indicate that in the vast majority of bike-car accidents, the driver of the larger vehicle is to blame.

Many reports on these types of collisions call them accidents instead of incidents. This may indicate a subtle bias against cyclists. In reality, many motorists simply do not respect the rights of these individuals, following too closely, failing to yield or driving dangerously in their vicinity. Another issue affecting the safety of cyclists is distracted driving.

Cyclists may find they have to fight vigorously for fair recovery after car accidents. If another driver is responsible for the accident and the subsequent injuries, a Louisiana victim has the right to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. While this cannot reverse what happened, it can allow a person to secure the financial help he or she needs for a full and fair recovery. 

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