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Will government action prevent future 18-wheeler accidents?

Due to the large size and heavy weight of large trucks and semitrailers, accidents involving these types of vehicles can be devastating. Because of the serious nature of 18-wheeler accidents and the frequency with which they happen, the government has looked at various ways to reduce tragic traffic collisions. The ultimate goal is to make roads safer for all motorists, in Louisiana and across the country. 

A safety program first implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2017 and scheduled to end this year will possibly become permanent. The Crash Preventability Demonstration Program enjoyed positive results, and industry leaders believe it could be beneficial to leave it in place. The program uses data to identify problem areas and safety risks that need additional enforcement and monitoring. 

However, there are some that oppose leaving this program in place. A few trucking companies believe that authorities could evaluate their company stats and data unfairly, leading to unfair and unnecessary consequences. For example, there are concerns that a motor carrier could be penalized in some way for crashes that were not preventable. At this time, it is not clear if this program positively impacted crash statistics or reduced the number of truck accidents.

Louisiana victims of 18-wheeler accidents may not always be sure what factors played a role in an accident or whether it was preventable, but they have the right to seek help regarding these answers. The aftermath of this type of collision can be overwhelming, but it is possible to hold trucking companies and truck drivers fully accountable for their negligence. A victim may want to learn about the options for legal recourse available to them under the law. 

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