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Understanding the relationship between car accidents and TBIs

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2019 | Car Accidents |

When two vehicles collide or a moving vehicle collides with something stationary, drivers and passengers can suffer a range of injuries. Brain injuries are among the most common injuries people suffer in Louisiana car accidents, and they can range from a minor concussion to permanent brain damage. It is not always clear why some accidents result in a traumatic brain injury and some do not.

TBIs are a more serious threat than many people realize. Estimates suggest that of all injury-related deaths in the United States, approximately 30% are the result of a traumatic brain injury. It is important for accident victims to recognize the signs and symptoms that may indicate something is wrong, as many TBIs are not immediately apparent. Unfortunately, there has not been a lot of research studying the specific link between motor vehicle accidents and brain injuries.

One important approach in studying these types of injuries involves both the use of experiments and computer science. By studying how the body and head move in an accident, then applying that data, it maybe possible for scientists to better understand why some car accidents result in serious brain injuries and others do not. This may lead to better treatment of TBIs and the development of prevention methods.

Victims of car accidents may find themselves with TBIs and other injuries that lead to an extensive, expensive recovery. Louisiana personal injury laws allow victims of negligence to seek compensation through a civil claim. For a person dealing with a brain injury after a car crash, this can allow him or her to get the care necessary for this specific injury.

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