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Reducing the number of car accidents involving motorcycles

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Car Accidents |

When a moving vehicle collides with a motorcycle, the person on the bike is significantly more likely to suffer from severe injuries. Even when wearing protective gear and helmets, bikers are vulnerable to injuries and damage when involved in car accidents. Louisiana drivers have the responsibility to be safe and cautious when sharing the road with motorcycles.

It is often difficult for drivers to accurately assess how fast a motorcycle may be traveling or even how far away it is. This is one reason why a significant number of motorcycle collisions take place in intersections. Despite what many motorists may think, a vast majority of accidents involving a motorbike are the fault or partial fault of a driver who was inattentive, failed to yield or turned directly in front of the motorcycle.

Many times, accidents happen when drivers do not see a motorcycle or realize how close they are. Distraction, speeding and general recklessness may cause a car to turn in front of a motorcycle, fail to brake to avoid a rear-end collision or make a decision that could increase the chance of an accident. Even a low-speed crash can result in devastating consequences. 

Motorcycles have the right to share the road with other types of vehicles. Injured bikers also have the right to pursue compensation when the negligence of another motorist cause them harm. With a bit more awareness and a commitment to look for bikers, it is possible to significantly reduce the number of serious and fatal car accidents involving motorcycles on Louisiana roads.

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