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What to do if your car starts skidding in rain

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Rainy weather can create challenging traffic conditions. This is why it is so important for drivers to slow down, give others plenty of space and be attentive when driving in rain.

However, even vigilant and experienced drivers can encounter scary situations when out on the roads in rainy weather. One of these is skidding.

A vehicle skidding has the potential to lead to accidents. So, what a driver does when his or her car begins to skid matters a great deal. So, it can be important for drivers to know how to respond in such a situation. Today, we’ll go over three key steps for reacting to a skid.

Stay calm

Skidding can be very alarming, so it can be tempting to panic. However, panic can lead to rash actions that could make the situation worse. So, staying calm and focused on what can be done to help get clear of the skid is important.

Stay away from slamming on the brakes

When drivers encounter a challenging situation out on the roads, their first inclination may be to slam on the brakes. However, it is important to avoid this when in a skid. Braking hard when skidding could make staying in control of your vehicle even more difficult, as it can upset a vehicle’s balance.

Stay focused on where you want to go

Rather than panicking or slamming on the brakes, what you should do is keep looking in the direction you are trying to go and continue to steer in that direction. This can help with maintaining control and weathering a skid.

Another worrisome thing a motorist can encounter in rain is unsafe behavior by other drivers. While defensive driving can help in such situations, it isn’t always able to prevent an accident. When a person is injured in a crash caused by a driver who failed to act safely in rainy weather, legal claims may provide a path to fair compensation.

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