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Car accidents: 2 killed in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Two people tragically lost their lives following a head-on crash in St. James Parish. The two individuals have been identified by Louisiana State Police as a 24-year-old man and a 31-year-old man, both from out of state. No one else was in either vehicle, and police are conducting toxicology tests on both drivers to help determine the cause of the accident. This is standard procedure in fatal car accidents.

According to preliminary reports, it appears the younger man was traveling westbound on Louisiana 3127 when the accident occurred. For reasons unknown, it appears his vehicle crossed the center line and entered oncoming traffic, where it struck the vehicle driven by the older man. The struck vehicle was run off the highway where it overturned and burst into flames.

Both men were pronounced dead at the scene when medical personnel arrived. Police have determined the younger man was properly restrained in his vehicle at the time of the crash, but are still unsure whether the other driver was wearing a seat belt. At this time, they have not ruled out any potential factors in the accident, including negligence, recklessness and intoxication.

When all drivers involved in car accidents perish in the crash, criminal charges are not filed posthumously. However, Louisiana police will continue to investigate the cause of the crash. If they can determine which driver was responsible, the family of the other driver may be able to navigate a successful wrongful death lawsuit in civil court. They are generally free to make use of any evidence supporting their claim that has been previously collected by police.

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